02 - 03 - 04 Feb

Public Masterclass Space

What is a Masterclass?

A Masterclass is a tasting session of 5 exceptional whiskies, either because of their age or because of their rarity, for a group of maximum 25 people, commented by various specialists who will give a general explanations about whisky, its origins, its manufacturing process , . . .

If you purchase a Master-Class ticket you will also have access to our Tasting Area. Ordinary admission is included in the entry fee.


There are two types of  Masterclasses :

  • Public Masterclass

Open to all at a price of 120€ (incl. VAT), this price includes general admission for the day.
Limited to 25 people maximum.
By reservation only, trought this website. Only on Sunday 04 February 2018, 2pm.


  • Distilleries Masterclass

Taking into account various comments and suggestions, we innovate this year 2018 with Distilleries Masterclass.

A Brand Ambassador will explain about the distillery, its history, its main features and charateristics while tasting various famous bottlings.

A very good way to discover your selected distillery.

Information and booking avalaible around half-november. 

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